Word Of The Week #6 [Winner]

We’re only a few weeks away from the end of this season of TYGS “Word Of The Week” and after teaming up with the boys from StateNine Entertainment we’ve made the hard decision to select a winner!

The boys have selected N41 from 50 Take Gang for our Week 6 winner and he will receive a Cap plus Free Beat from StateNine Entertainment. Big up the squad!

From The Gram

We’ve only got 2 weeks left for our “Word Of The Week” series for TYGS Barz. We never actually expected to do this challenge, but it turns out that the response has been amazing, so we’re using it to find our Top 8 who will be pre-selected for our next challenge (involving the Beat Makers) so if you’re reading this and want to participate, make sure you step up your game in Week 7 & 8! Now, back to celebrate.. Peep the winning entry below and do Subscribe to our YouTube as well!

N41 – Week 6 Winner


Apa yang kau nak kata,
Brapa banyak permata,
Siapa yang kan terasa,
Cepat cepat ku sudah tiada masa,
Sudah ku naik meluat dengan kau punya
cara dan kau punya gaya,
Sudah ku baik bertempat dan aku dapat kau punya sampah dan bala,

Spit macam real abis semua kau nak kill,
Lit dalam deal ending scene ku dengan skill,
Chill macam mill kau tu meek yang acah drill,
Will macam bee paying bill kau taking pill,
Thrill ni ku bagi so kau jangan nak langsi nanti mulut ku patri kau cakap bunyi babi kau lembab labi labi tapi act macam big deal macam ludah kluar api tapi kau tu budak funny.

See y’all shortly as we announce Week 7 real soon!