Word Of The Week #5 [Winner]

Sock it to me! We just wrapped up Week 5 of our Punchline Challenge and with only 3 weeks left to go before we announce more activities for TYGS Barz we’re super happy to crown a new winner – D54U – Who took home a 3-pack of funky socks from Koza!

Activity on the Gram

Without sounding like we’re tooting our own horn here, we’re happy to see the growth of our Instagram account and the increased engagement from the community. It’s really the only thing that keeps us going and delivering content like this!

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D54u – Week #5 Winner


They call a bomb raging like Bin Laden maki ayat terbang cam carpet Alladin,
Ripping a bong aku acrylic tak main betik lu cam brg lembik main synthetic,
Ngaku Kendrick kau jenis sanggup me- “lamar kendrick” man you’re sick,
Konon track kau dah hit suap a fleet they embedded to seats itu gains fr the rich,

Tengoklah gaya attire dont fit with my attitude,
Aku dah higher pandangan sama lain magnitude, itu lah saya
You on the grind while im runnin loose lu nak letup aku CT defuse,
Member dah sambar like petir berangan like zues lemme blow up his fuse.

Thanks again for checking in and showing some love! See you in Week 6!