Word Of The Week #1 [Winner]

We presented new our Instagram contest last week on the 11th of May, reaching out to the Emcees in the Malaysian Hip Hop community for the first time since 2014. As a prelude to our official TYGS Barz Emcee Battle, we thought doing this contest would engage the community and we were right! Using the word “Confidence“, our Punchline Challenge brought in a total of 66 entries.

As an incentive, we offered the winner an exclusive TYGS T-Shirt and were impressed with the quality of the entries! We announced our Winner for week 1 last night on the 20th of May and AKIL takes home the prize!


Sorry lambat payung rap sebab aku takde masa
Aku taknak cakap banyak sebab tengah berpuasa
Jangan paksa aku cakap benda yang tak patut
Nanti ada yang sentap tak pasal pasal naik semput
Tak kisah orang kata aku berlagak acah hebat
Janji aku CONFIDENT dengan benda yang aku buat
Ini namakuakil tolong dengar tolong ingat
Anytime boleh panggil kalau nak rasa kena rembat

Stay tuned for more!