TYGS 2021 is The Rebirth

We began our journey preparing for the relaunch of TYGS a few months back, with the pandemic changing the way we approach our events we had set out to reach a number of key milestones before announcing the coming 2021 season. Together with our team we have completed our first major milestone, which if you didn’t already notice has given us a whole new look and feel, starting with our website! Below are some of the things we have achieved thus far.

  • Createbase grant has enabled us to develop a newly designed website and all the visual and design assets that come along with it
  • We are ready to announce our first Battle – Beat Meet – that will focus on the Beat Makers and are ready to go with all the details
  • We have a new Logo Reveal, created as an intro for all our video content to be produced
  • We’ve also put together our Partnership Deck that you can request access to via email
Our next milestone before we open the first ‘Call for Submissions’ is to complete the following steps:
  • Confirm our partners and judges for Beat Meet
  • Develop our community token $TYGS
  • Set up our DAO & Community Channels
Stay tuned for more and enjoy the TYGS 2021 Logo Reveal below and don’t forget to follow us on our socials if you haven’t already!