Say hello to our Beat Meet Top 8

With 31 entries submitted by producers from around the world, our esteemed panel of judges had their hands and ears full when filling out the score card to determine who will move on to our main event this 2nd of July 2021.

Based on their Creativity, Vibe, Arrangement, Sound Quality & Originality each beat submitted was graded by each of our judges. After adding up all the scores we unfortunately had to eliminate 23 potential contenders in order to find our Top 8. I’m sure you’re all waiting to see who they are and probably won’t event read this, so let’s just get right into it!

Meet Our Top 8

So what’s next?

We will be emailing the Top 8 contestants with further details, but each will need to prepare a total of 3 beats for each round of our finale battle event.

Together with the announcement we will be making another post with all the information about our Battle Event finale, how it will work, where it will be held and what to expect!

We will also be doing a feature on our 3 judges – ProbCause, Mighty33 and Kayvan – who you should follow on Twitter!

Show some love to all the contestants on our TYGS Beat Meet 2021 Playlist