Lorong Jam 2019

Lorong Jam is a collaboration between TYGS & Mayhem Jam. Expect to go back in time where hip hop culture began. Bring out the checkered mats, the boomboxes, graffiti and let’s go! There’s something for everyone. A little bit of dance, a little bit of freestyle rapping, spray painting and a whole lot of fun!

TYGS Fame – Graff Jam

We’ve selected our Top 4 participants who will be painting during “Lorong Jam 2019”!

Some changes have been made to make our live event on the 23rd more memorable, that means we’re going right on the walls, no more plywood boards!

We will also invite members of the public to join us as we have a dedicated wall for you to test out your skills with the spray can guided by our writers.

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