DAO of WU workshop coming up!

When it comes to the Arts, community is everything. It’s the backbone of your fan base. It’s the group of peers that inspire you, your closest consorts whom you collaborate with. Put simply, without community we would be voiceless.

But these day, in an age of Social Media followers and a plethora of tech platforms, it has become increasingly difficult to inspire with meaningful engagement. The time has come for a different approach, a contrarian one, that goes against the grain to embark on a more productive and democratic reorganization of our communities for the betterment of all.

Through the DAO of WU workshop we will explore how to build sustainable creative communities through the use of emerging technology and how to establish a type of governance that empower all members.

A decentralized future is coming. The era of 360 deals, 3rd parties and middlemen is coming to an end. Are you prepared for what’s next?

If you’re an artist, event organizer, community activist or supporter of the Arts and Culture scene in Malaysia YOU

TYGS Presents: The DAO of WU

Building Sustainable Creative Communities” Vol 1

January 13th 2020

1pm – 4pm

Common Ground, TTDI

At the Workshop participants will learn the following:

  • · Blockchain & how it can Benefit Creatives
  • The Advantages of Decentralization
  • The DAO of WU Philosophy
  • Tools & Resources available
  • Practical Implementation

DAO of WU is hosted by Vandal, who has been building communities around the world through Hip Hop for over 2 decades. His ability to bridge the gap through culture, music and technology has led him to pursue the path of WU and he is excited to share and inspire.

The Workshop will also feature performances by Beatboxer and Entrepreneur Coex along with the soulful sounds of Greg Ramanado, up close and intimate, you don’t want to miss out.

Be sure to register early to avoid disappointment as there are only 50 spots available!

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See you there!