Lorong Jam 2019

Lorong Jam is a collaboration between TYGS & Mayhem Jam. Expect to go back in time where hip hop culture began. Bring out the checkered mats, the boomboxes, graffiti and let’s go! There’s something for everyone. A little bit of dance, a little bit of freestyle rapping, spray painting and a whole lot of fun! …

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Malaysian Hip Hop Census 2019

Make your voice heard and participate in the Malaysian Hip Hop Census 2019. Data will be shared on the website once the Census is complete within a few months, before the end of the year. Participate Here or Below Loading…

Find us on the Gram

Until we kick off 2020 and implement our master plan, you can find us on the Gram! Instagram is where our community is. It’s where we host our battles and it’s where we want you to follow us… You know what to do!