About TYGS

Hip Hop is a youth activity. It brings together communities in a celebration of the Arts and promotes unity, creativity, inclusiveness and helps build confidence and personal development. Once used as an alternative to gangs, the culture of Hip Hop has connected young people across the globe, consistently elevating talent levels through friendly competition. Enter TYGS, a Hip Hop Battle Series comprised of 6 skill-building elements spanning the spectrum of Music, Dance & Visual Art.

Ready to empower a new generation of youth, our competition series will help prepare aspiring artists, musicians and dancers to enter the world stage, all in a positive and supportive community setting.

We didn’t just come out of nowhere. Back in August of 2008 we launched Malaysia’s first Rap Battle event & platform for aspiring Hip Hop artists. It didn’t take us long before we got noticed either! We were awarded “Best Small Room Event” by Juice Magazine in 2008 and that set the stage to expand and include Ladies First, an All-Female music showcase and The Beat Meet, a Producer Battle of the Beats.

The brainchild of Canadian/Malaysian Hip Hop artist Vandal, TYGS grew by leaps and bounds over the next couple of years, eventually collaborating with Urbanscapes in 2010 and incorporating the elements of Beatbox and Dance into the mix to complete its transition to a full-fledged Hip Hop Battle Series.

Fast forward to 2012 where things really took off for TYGS. Moving to a bigger venue and expanding relationships with partners and sponsors, the 2012 TYGS Battle Series was probably the biggest Hip Hop Battle Malaysia has ever seen. It inspired the creation of 8TV’s Rap Battle Show “WORD” in 2013 and uplifted a whole new generation of Malaysian Hip Hop Artists including SonaOne, Aman Ra, Jin Hackman and many more.

But like all good things, in 2014 after a partnership with the annual Judgment Day event TYGS went on a 4 year hiatus, only to return in December 2018 with The Beat Meet. A few months later, and embarking on a slightly different format, TYGS wrapped up their Beat Down Beatbox Battle and in April 2019 the Cold Crush DJ Battle in partnership with MAP Fest at Publika.

Now that you’re up to date on the history of Think You Got Skillz, it’s time to look to the future. And what a bright and exciting future it is!