DAO of WU workshop coming up!

When it comes to the Arts, community is everything. It’s the backbone of your fan base. It’s the group of peers that inspire you, your closest consorts whom you collaborate with. Put simply, without community we would be voiceless.

But these day, in an age of Social Media followers and a plethora of tech platforms, it has become increasingly difficult to inspire with meaningful engagement. The time has come for a different approach, a contrarian one, that goes against the grain to embark on a more productive and democratic reorganization of our communities for the betterment of all.

Through the DAO of WU workshop we will explore how to build sustainable creative communities through the use of emerging technology and how to establish a type of governance that empower all members.

A decentralized future is coming. The era of 360 deals, 3rd parties and middlemen is coming to an end. Are you prepared for what’s next?

If you’re an artist, event organizer, community activist or supporter of the Arts and Culture scene in Malaysia YOU

TYGS Presents: The DAO of WU

Building Sustainable Creative Communities” Vol 1

January 13th 2020

1pm – 4pm

Common Ground, TTDI

At the Workshop participants will learn the following:

  • · Blockchain & how it can Benefit Creatives
  • The Advantages of Decentralization
  • The DAO of WU Philosophy
  • Tools & Resources available
  • Practical Implementation

DAO of WU is hosted by Vandal, who has been building communities around the world through Hip Hop for over 2 decades. His ability to bridge the gap through culture, music and technology has led him to pursue the path of WU and he is excited to share and inspire.

The Workshop will also feature performances by Beatboxer and Entrepreneur Coex along with the soulful sounds of Greg Ramanado, up close and intimate, you don’t want to miss out.

Be sure to register early to avoid disappointment as there are only 50 spots available!

For more information and to Sign Up head over to the event page and get registered HERE

Or visit our Facebook Page to show support and share with your peeps.

See you there!

Lorong Jam 2019

Lorong Jam is a collaboration between TYGS & Mayhem Jam. Expect to go back in time where hip hop culture began. Bring out the checkered mats, the boomboxes, graffiti and let’s go! There’s something for everyone. A little bit of dance, a little bit of freestyle rapping, spray painting and a whole lot of fun!

TYGS Fame – Graff Jam

We’ve selected our Top 4 participants who will be painting during “Lorong Jam 2019”!

Some changes have been made to make our live event on the 23rd more memorable, that means we’re going right on the walls, no more plywood boards!

We will also invite members of the public to join us as we have a dedicated wall for you to test out your skills with the spray can guided by our writers.

Support our Facebook Event Page

FAME: A Graffiti Battle

In collaboration with Urbanscapes & Mayham we proudly present – “Lorong Jam” 2019. Together we introduce FAME, the Graffiti Battle challenging Malaysia’s artistic talents!

Lock in your place at “Lorong Jam”! Four writers will be selected for the chance to win RM 1500+ in cash & prizes. The competition has two phases, see below for details.

Phase One:

October 15th to November 1st 2019

Upload You Sketch!

This Sketch Battle is open to participants in Malaysia. Your entry (1 per artist) must meet the following criteria.

  • Sketch the word “Quiver” in a strictly letters font-based form
  • Take a photo of your sketch
  • Upload your sketch to your Instagram account
  • Include the hashtags #tygsfame & #lorongjam2019
  • All sketches must be posted by November 1st 2019
  • One Entry per Artist

* No computer generated or edited entries allowed. You can use paper, pencil, marker or any other non-digital medium you’re comfortable with.

Submissions are judged by our panel of International writers. The Top 4 will be announced on November 11th 2019 on our Instagram account.

Phase Two:

The selected Top 4 writers will be invited to paint live in Kuala Lumpur at Lorong Jam 2019 happening on the 23rd November in Kuala Lumpur. Transportation and accommodation will not be provided if you’re not based in KL.

  • Space to paint is 8×8 (foot) plywood
  • Request your colors by 17th November
  • Battle Theme to be announced at the same time as the Top 4 on November 11th
  • During the event you will have 4 hours to complete your painting
  • White primer & a brush will be provided

Winner will be announced on 29th November *

Our Top 8 Battle Beats

We’ve selected our Top 8 finalists for the Beat Meet segment of Battle For Malaysia! It was a really tough decision given the quality of all the entries we received so we want to shout out all of you who took the time to participate!

The Beats by our Top 8 will be used by the Emcees to write their 16 bar verses to be used in Rounds 1 & 2 of our Barz segment of the competition. Listen to the playlist below!

We have over RM5000 is cash and prizes to be won including a Q4 2019 Skullcandy Malaysia Ambassadorship and something super dope we won’t announce until event day…

There is still time to sign up (27th August sign ups close) so hit this link to register! Good luck everyone!

Beatz Meet Barz – Phase Three

We have collected all the beats from our Beat Makers and have uploaded them into a playlist on YouTube (shared below). And now it’s time for the Emcees to go through the beats, select their favorite and write their 16 bar verse!


  • Pick your favorite beat from the playlist below
  • Write 16 bars
  • Use the theme “Malaysia”
  • Record & Post on your Instagram
  • Submit by August 6th 2019

Or click HERE to go to YouTube for the complete playlist!

When Beats Meet Barz

Since our last entry, we’ve changed things up a little bit when it comes to this challenge that connects Beat Makers and Emcees.

Phase Two

We made a call for participation and 21 Beat Makers submitted their entries on Instagram via #beatzmeetbarz. Initially we planned to selected the Top 8 Beat Makers to have their beats used by our Emcees, but we decided to let the Emcees themselves choose their favorite to rap on! So, next we will be posting a YouTube playlist featuring all 21 entries!

The 8 Winners from our “Word Of The Week” Punchline Challenge have the chance to listen to all 21 beats and make their decision as to which one they will use to rap on (more coming in the next update).

So that means that ALL selected Beat Makers (based on our Emcees decision) will be through to compete in our Live Event without needing to enter the Audition phase!

Beat Makers

If you have yet done so, please email your entry ASAP (yes, it’s the entry you submitted on Instagram) so we can post them up on YouTube and let the Emcees choose.

  • Arrange your beat with a 16 bar section for the Emcee to rap on (you can create a short intro and outro as well)
  • You may improve the mix and sound quality for your entry
  • Send the FINAL 320kbps MP3 to tygsofficial@gmail.com
  • Subject – Beatz Meet Barz (your name)
  • Deadline 9AM July 22nd 2019


If you were one of our 8 WOTW Winners you will be required to write and record 16 Bars on your favorite beat (playlist to be uploaded to YouTube July 22nd). We will be updating you more soon!

If you have any questions you can DM us on Instagram aight!

The Beat Meet is Back!

It’s been a while since we did something for the Beat Makers, so we’ve decided to post a challenge that ties in to our current ongoing TYGS Barz Punchline Challenge to help connect the producers with the rappers as we move into the remaining ‘Word of the Week‘ contests.

Calling out all Beat Makers! Produce a Beat you feel would be suitable for an Emcee to drop a verse on.

The Top 8 Beat Makers will have their Beats used for our TYGS ‘Word of the Week‘ Final! We call this #beatzmeetbarz!

The Top 8 Beat Makers will also have top seed for our next Live Battle happening at the end of August… So don’t miss out!


  • Open to all Malaysia-Based Beat Makers
  • Arrange your Beat for 1-Minute
  • Post your Beat on Instagram
  • Tag #beatzmeetbarz

Deadline is July 5th 2019 at 9pm


  • Arrange your beat to allow for an 8 or 16 bar verse
  • Focus on making a BANGER!
  • Keep the tempo in a range suitable for the Emcees

Any questions just DM us on Instagram or email us at tygsofficial@gmail.com